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The Largest Platform For The Promoters & Beauty Advisors in India.

BA- App/ Promoter’s App

The BA- App/ Promoter’s App is seamlessly connected with our SFA and DMS and the complete platform works in sync with each other in real-time. This productivity tool reduces a lot of manual effort by the BAs and bring automation into their day-to-day working.

Equipping the Promoters/Beauty Advisors with this Technological Innovation, MAssist, catering to end-to-end working of the promoter channel. From capturing the tertiary data to fulfilling your brand’s grooming standard, transparency of inventory at each outlet and getting your customer’s information too!

Knowing the challenges that come across the Promoter’s Channel, MAssist is a robust solution where all the problems are taken care of with an innovative approach. Also, MAssist is the only solution which has largest number of features available in the offline mode. So, our BAs can work independently in areas devoid of internet.

MAssist not just provides you with the Promoter’s Software, we also bring our deep experience and expertise to the table for a successful implementation.

Technological Innovation

to help boost your Promoter’s productivity.

Transparency of Stock

and Sales at tertiary level.

What are the Unique Selling Points of MAssist ...?

AI Driven Reports

Now maintaining lengthy reports is not your task anymore, let your AI Assistant do this job. MAssist analyses your activities and automatically generates reports through its inbuilt Artificial Intelligence and that too in real-time!

Self-accessible Data

No more forwarding of spreadsheets to your teams to access data. Now the data can be accessed by you and your team as per the hierarchy.

Device/Version Independent

Our App is available both Android Devices and iPhones, working seamlessly on all devices irrespective of their versions.


The unique industry first feature of geo-fencing allows the user to punch attendance or mark visit from a restricted area only.
Also, giving the feature of attendance with a face detection selfie to check the authenticity of the user.

Travel plans and Expense

Chalking out the monthly journey plan and managing the expense is just a matter of clicks. Get guided animation routes on all your visits and manage your expense easily.

Maintaining log of Working

Whether it’s your Attendance, Meetings or Calls, MAssist takes care that none of your efforts go unnoticed. It keeps record of all your activities to maintain your work history.
Also, giving you the facility of leave management through the app.

Recognition and Rewards

We believe that your diligence and sincerity towards your work should not go in vain. Therefore, to give you a motivational boost and address your excellent performance, we showcase the top performers on our app that can be witnessed and appreciated in your whole organization.

Quick Orders and Sale along with Accurate Stock

We value the time and hard work of the field force, therefore, our Order taking process and Sale punching is as swift as an arrow. Now you don’t need to jot down notes in diary, on few clicks, place the orders or punch sales and maintain the accurate stocks in real time.

Setting Goals and Targets

Keeping track of your targets and the corresponding incentives

Your relation with your Consumer

We have taken care to give your consumer the best experience of your brand, helping in brand enhancement and keeping your consumers happy!

An SFA or A Social App?

Our app, though an SFA, works just like a social media platform, where communicating with your team or posting any activities is easy and fun!

No dependency on Internet

Everything on our app works in Offline mode!
No hindrance to your work even if you are in low network area.
Enjoy the hassle free working offline.

Our Support

Being a customer-centric company, our support to our customers is beyond comparison. Providing solution and help to our users on immediate basis is our motto. Our support team works with you throughout the process of digital transformation as well as post implementation of the product too!

Exhaustive Modules of MAssist Beauty Advisor’s / Promoter’s Application

General Trade

  • Complete offline working for Low Network Areas
  • Auto Syncing of Data with the Servers without any intervention needed from workforce.
  • Real Time SKU Wise sale Management.
  • Target Vs Achievement.
  • Fill In Rate capture of purchase against orders placed.
  • Customer Data capturing and WhatsApp summary to them.
  • Total working done by BA with Geo Fencing.
  • Complete Return Management.
  • Closing stock Cycle and calculations of Derived Sale.
  • Grooming Picture.
  • Real time know how of stock at the outlet.
  • Learning Management System (Quizzes).
  • Counter Display Management and Check-list.

Merchandising Solution

  • Attendance check as per journey plan.
  • Delivery check option as per last Purchase Order (PO) or Indent.
  • Check Primary Axis Point.
  • Check Secondary Axis Point.
  • Check Tertiary Axis Point.

Merchandising & BA App For Modern Trade

  • How Massist Can Help Achieve the Above Process?
  • Creates Brand visibility.
  • Increases Tertiary Sales.
  • Helps in Stock Checking.
  • Stay in line with Planogram.
  • Capture Product Expiry Date on Shelf.
  • Define Promotion Calendar for the year.
  • Monitor Sales.
  • Capture Competitor.

Floater BA’s Management

  • Comprehensive Rooster Management.
  • Respective area mapping.
  • Attendance restriction on assigned outlet.
  • Approval Hierarchy’s as per company’s workflow
  • Sale punch and stock option to see only if the floater is physically available at the outlet.
  • Performance in terms of Sale at different outlets.
  • Outlet wise movement structure and performance analysis.
  • Role Reversal.
  • Special Activities assignments.

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