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Omnichannel system that is integrated in the real sense with you ERP, SFA and Distribution tools for the most seamless flow of information

Distribution Management System

Now get smarter with our AI powered Distribution Management System. A real time solution to manage your inventory end-to-end.

Getting the complete information of your stock on all levels in the chain- warehouse, stockist, distributors and retailers. MAssist DMS shows you the SKU numbers in real time along with the log of all the actions performed- order, sale, or purchase, thus, building transparency in your stocks.

The user-friendly interface is what makes the customer use it in one go.

A unique solution that makes the working of Distributors much easier and therefore can easily win over the resistance of using an old existing system by adapting to higher technology

Only Solution that works seamlessly at multichannel Stock-points,

because at times same organization has different combinations at different location.

MAssist can dynamically adapt all Structures.

What are the Unique Selling Points of MAssist ...?

Inventory Updation

Whether it’s placing orders or adding purchase, know the numbers live with its real time updation.

Ensuring proper stock

Keeping optimum stock on the outlets is of utmost importance so that your consumer is not deprived of your product due to “out of stock” issue. With MAssist, this won’t be an issue anymore!

Dynamic Buckets

The inventory of saleable, non-saleable and expired products is dynamic, which can be handled by our DMS as per the organization’s policy.

Product Returns

Be it a return by your consumer or stock return, we make the process smooth and crystal clear based on the SKU bill invoices.

One step billing

The billing process for orders is just a matter of one click. Get the automated bill of the SKUs and enjoy single click billing.

Go Green

We, as a green company, believe to reduce paper waste, therefore, all the invoices can be mailed and whatsapp.
Go green by embracing MAssist…
Even a single effort counts to make a big change!

Schemes and Discounts

Device schemes and discounts on distributor level and warehouse level and ensure passing of schemes on both.

Transfer Stock

Our DMS gives you the facility of inter stock transfer for stocking out the products from one outlet to another.

Customized Bills

Generate the bill invoice in customized format as per the requirement.

Banking Transactions

Keep complete track of all your bills, collections and banking transactions at one place.


As claim is a pain area for the organization, giving the complete visibility and knowing the discrepancy between false claims and actual claims is a true advantage.

Solutions Offered

Central Data Management

Maintain uniform centralized data and streamlined processes across the entire channel of supply chain

  • Create & maintain centralized data
  • Integration with ERP systems
  • Keeping Product & Pricing catalogues up-to-date
  • Sales and zonal hierarchies for centralized data and reports
  • Discrepancy between Target and Actual overall Sales Operation Plan
  • Schemes introduced by the organization not 100% successful for the right outlet or SKU’s
  • Promotions creation
  • Field executive, outlet and animation route management

Distribution Automation

Automate each activity of the distributor to maximize productivity and reduce operational costs by making the secondary sales & stock crystal clear.

  • Keeping a detailed log of products, stocks, distributors, retailers.
  • Streamline processes like purchases, placing orders, billing, promotions, claims, damaged products, returns, receivables
  • Push method to achieve only Sell-in numbers and sales loss and margin loss for the Distributor as less concentration on Sell-Through.

Inventory/Stock Management

Cut down out of stock situations, sales loss and holding costs and improve supply chain efficiency

  • Track each step of inventory from/to supply chain partners
  • Visibility of the inventory on all levels of the chain
  • Inter stock transfer for retailers and distributors
  • Visibility of saleable, non-saleable and damaged stock
  • Maintain stock across various distributors in multiple locations

Channel Management

Track channel performance, reach the right customers with the right products and empower the business to meet the customer requirements

  • Device retailer channels and groups based on nature of trade
  • Channel specific discounts
  • Visibility of channel wise sales performance
  • Execute & track trade promotions in specific channels

Automated Order Management

Optimize inventory replenishment, enable flexibility in purchase order management to better address market demand

  • Replenishment based on inventory norms
  • Transparency of inventory levels across the supply chain
  • Tweak orders suggested by the system based on the order history and demand
  • Complete automation through integration with ERP systems

Trade Promotions Management

Create and maintain trade promotions for all downstream supply chain partners, track effectiveness and take informed decisions to improve

  • Promotions based on quantity, amount, weight and window display
  • Flexible payouts, Flat amounts, Discount %, Free products, Quantum purchase schemes
  • Point redemption and loyalty programs
  • Track and review promotion effectiveness
  • Flexibility to alter ongoing promotions to align with market response
  • Run promotions for specific customers based on specific attributes like channel, key accounts

Claims Management

Settle claims within a span of 5-7 days and help reduce distributor’s working capital lock

  • Automatic claim generation for key processes like price discounts, promotions
  • Manual claim generation for specific expenses like logistics, salesmen on field expenses
  • Flexible workflow for company approval (Sales, trade marketing & finance)
  • Integration with ERP systems for credit note generation

Sales force Efficiency

Set targets for the supply chain partners, track and measure sales performance to scale up the productivity

  • Set targets for distributors, retail outlets and field force
  • Automatic breakdown of targets till retailer level based on past sales performance
  • Track sales at retailer/route/sales executive/distributor/company sales force levels
  • Generate sales report on all levels
  • Actual vs Achieved target of each individual

Bill and Transaction Management

Monitor and maintain all financials and have complete control of transactional performance

  • Manage all tax scenarios
  • Maintain all financials and generate statutory reports
  • Integration with Tally and other accounting tool for collating transactions from multiple businesses

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