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Sales Force Automation

MAssist is a Unique Automation Tool in the world of Sales that works as a catalyst to boost your sales by motivating the Field Force to perform tasks with greater efficiency and therefore increased revenue. What would be better than having an AI Assistant which relieves you of less important chores and allows you to focus on activities of higher relevance? Thus, lowering your burden and making your endeavors more output driven. MAssist works best for both the Senior Management and the Sales Professionals. Be it the CXOs or the Sales Force, it works flawlessly for all the stakeholders. We work with various industry verticals and provide customized solution as per your organization’s structure and needs. It is a Technological Innovation to be experienced...

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What are the Unique Selling Points of MAssist ...?

AI Driven Reports

Now maintaining lengthy reports is not your task anymore, let your AI Assistant do this job. MAssist analyses your activities and automatically generates reports through its inbuilt Artificial Intelligence and that too in real-time!

Self-accessible Data

No more forwarding of spreadsheets to your teams to access data. Now the data can be accessed by you and your team as per the hierarchy.

Device/Version Independent

Our App is available both Android Devices and iPhones, working seamlessly on all devices irrespective of their versions.


The unique industry first feature of geo-fencing allows the user to punch attendance or mark visit from a restricted area only.
Also, giving the feature of attendance with a face detection selfie to check the authenticity of the user.

Travel plans and Expense

Chalking out the monthly journey plan and managing the expense is just a matter of clicks. Get guided animation routes on all your visits and manage your expense easily.

Maintaining log of Working

Whether it’s your Attendance, Meetings or Calls, MAssist takes care that none of your efforts go unnoticed. It keeps record of all your activities to maintain your work history.
Also, giving you the facility of leave management through the app.

Recognition and Rewards

We believe that your diligence and sincerity towards your work should not go in vain. Therefore, to give you a motivational boost and address your excellent performance, we showcase the top performers on our app that can be witnessed and appreciated in your whole organization.

Quick Orders and Sale along with Accurate Stock

We value the time and hard work of the field force, therefore, our Order taking process and Sale punching is as swift as an arrow. Now you don’t need to jot down notes in diary, on few clicks, place the orders or punch sales and maintain the accurate stocks in real time.

Setting Goals and Targets

Keeping track of your targets and the corresponding incentives

Your relation with your Consumer

We have taken care to give your consumer the best experience of your brand, helping in brand enhancement and keeping your consumers happy!

An SFA or A Social App?

Our app, though an SFA, works just like a social media platform, where communicating with your team or posting any activities is easy and fun!

No dependency on Internet

Everything on our app works in Offline mode!
No hindrance to your work even if you are in low network area.
Enjoy the hassle free working offline.

Our Support

Being a customer-centric company, our support to our customers is beyond comparison. Providing solution and help to our users on immediate basis is our motto. Our support team works with you throughout the process of digital transformation as well as post implementation of the product too!

Exhaustive Modules of MAssist SFA

Attendance and Working Hours Mgmt.

  • Attendance with Selfie Picture
  • Selfie with Face Detection (Best in Industry)
  • Working Hours Calculation
  • Restricted Attendance as per the Geo-fenced areas. (Unique in Industry)
  • HR Policy SLA implementation with Leaves, Week Off’s, Half Days etc
  • Leave Management

Path Breaking Geo-tracking & Mobility Solution

  • Location tracking with animation
  • Geo-fencing of all points with 4 different algorithms (Best in Industry)
  • Total Distance travelled
  • Stay time durations
  • Automatic Route Mapping for Visits (Best in Industry)
  • GPS enabled maps for travel

Others Special Functionalities and Modules

  • Self and Joint working functionalities
  • Realtime Battery Status
  • Intelligent self – follow-up algorithm (Unique in Industry)
  • Rooster Management
  • Expense Management
  • Incentive Policy custom set-up and calculations
  • Huge motivation for the employee working at the lowest level in some remote corner of the country, and can actually feel connected with the Management.

Visit and Call Management

  • Visit Coverage as per beat plan
  • Total Calls vs. Productive Calls
  • Phone Call Logs and Voice Recordings
  • Visit Start and End time along with Stay time durations
  • Discrepancy between visited vs. actual address (Best in industry)
  • AI Based restricted visit marking (Unique in industry)
  • Intelligent visit information forms (Unique in Industry)
  • Auto-scheduling with reminder notifications

Beat / Journey Planner & Travel Mgmt:

  • Exhaustive Beat Management with Productive calls tracking
  • Discrepancy and Deviation Reports with the planned Beat
  • Advanced PJP submission and hierarchy-based approval
  • Travel Planner with automatic linking with Expenses
  • Travel Calendar build-up
  • Secondary and Tertiary tracker reports as per the plan

Targets and Analytics

  • Dynamin Employee Wise Daily/Weekly/Monthly targets
  • Targets categorization in Primary & Secondary
  • Free Flowing Dynamic tree Structure
  • Daily Goal settings and planner
  • Business Intelligence reports
  • Realtime Analytics for well-informed working
  • Dynamic Reports can be deep dived up to any level.
  • Any possible format or layout.
  • Any and every analysis possible on the basis of Data collected.
  • No Manual intervention needed because of SYSTEM GENERATED SELF MONITORING ALGORITHM which will work as per the company policy.

Primary and Secondary Order Management

  • Complete SKU List with Pictures (Best in Industry)
  • Most user friendly and fastest Order Booking (Best in Industry)
  • SKU’s Categorization under different heads
  • Focus Products and New Launches for smart selling of SKU’s
  • Geo tagged, time stamped order and sales return tracking.
  • Product Catalogue and Video’s
  • Listing of MRP’s as well as seller and purchaser’s Landing Prices (Unique in Industry)
  • Schemes and Deals
  • Discount Management
  • Cart Management
  • AI based Party wise product selection (Best in Industry)
  • SMS/Email Updates of Order summaries
  • WhatsApp updates to customer / clients
  • Inventory Management
  • Realtime inventory updates of Distributor (Best in Industry)
  • Real time order acceptance based on distributor inventory.
  • Stock Management with option of Closing inventory and Auditing

Sales Force Automation / Feet on Street Software

Sales Force Automation software (SFA) also known as Feet on Street (FOS), is a business software solution designed to streamline and automate various aspects of a company's sales processes and activities. While it primarily focuses on sales-related tasks in the field, it can also encompass other functions like attendance marking, order processing, outlet visits, and inventory management. Here's an overview of how SFA works and its key components:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

SFA systems often include a CRM component that allows companies to manage and track customer interactions, maintain customer profiles, and monitor customer-related activities. This assists in building stronger relationships with customers & improving customer satisfaction.

Contact Management

MAssist the best SFA Software provider, enables companies to store detailed information about their customers, including contact details, purchase history, preferences, and communication history. This information helps sales teams better understand and serve their customers.

Sales Process Automation

SFA systems automate various stages of the sales process, from lead generation and qualification to opportunity management and closure. This helps sales teams prioritize their efforts and ensures that sales opportunities are not missed.

Order Management

As the best FOS App provider in Delhi NCR, we allow sales representatives or Sales Officers to create and manage orders efficiently. It can also automate order processing, reducing errors and speeding up order fulfillment.

Inventory Management

Some SFA systems integrate with inventory management modules to help companies track and manage their product inventory in real time. This ensures that sales representatives have accurate information about product availability when interacting with customers.

Attendance and Activity monitoring

SFA systems can include features for monitoring employee attendance, as well as their daily activities, such as customer visits, meetings, and follow-up tasks. This data can be used to assess employee performance and improve productivity.

Reporting and Analytics

As the best SFA Software provider in Delhi NCR, we generate reports and provide analytics on various sales and employee performance metrics. This helps managers make data-driven decisions, identify trends, and optimize sales strategies.

Mobile Access

Many SFA solutions offer mobile applications, allowing sales representatives to access and update customer information, process orders, and perform other tasks while on the go.


SFA systems can integrate with other enterprise systems such as accounting software, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, and marketing automation tools to ensure a seamless flow of data across the organization.

Security and Data Privacy

Given the sensitive nature of customer and sales data, SFA systems typically include security features to protect data integrity and maintain customer privacy.

In summary, As the best FOS App provider in Delhi NCR MAssist serves as a powerful tool for organizations to manage and optimize their sales processes, improve customer relationships, and increase operational efficiency. It can be customized to meet the specific needs of a company and plays a crucial role in enhancing productivity and profitability in the modern business landscape.

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