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With MAssist's
Lead Management System

Convert More leads in the real Sales

By Building scalable business workflow and growth pipelines

Overcome the challenge of managing the bulky lead conversion process across multiple channels on a single platform to help you streamline and nurture the leads to profitable opportunities.

Sales organizations form the key pillars for the growth and success of the business, therefore are put under tremendous pressure. Generating leads is the primary goal of any marketing function which is then tracked and nurtured by sales for enhancing their chances of closure.

Sales teams having a healthy pipeline with high volume of leads are more likely to succeed in achieving their goals as compared to those with lower volumes. Number of opportunities in your pipeline is in direct proportion to the higher quota attainment.

Most organizations employ a variety of tools and products to track, nurture and monitor the high volume of leads arriving from different sources. While having more leads ensures higher chances of success, the inability to effectively manage and convert these leads, residing in multiple systems without a unified real-time view leads to inefficiencies across the entire sale process.

MAssist Lead management system understands these challenges, helping you get more out of your lead pipeline.

Lead Management System

Allocate, Monitor, Collect Lead Automatically.

Lead Management System is a comprehensive module to handle all the stages of lead management process.

The module covers all stages from lead collection to allocation to closure

  • Automatic Lead Collection
  • Lead distribution
  • Lead Assignment
  • Send Personalized Email, SMS or Whatsapp message to Clients.
  • Identify & Focus on Hot/Winning Leads.
  • Customize Lead Screen to Suit Your Business.
  • Monitor Lead Status with Timeline, User Activities and History.

Overcome your lead conversion challenges across multiple channels on a single platform that helps you manage and nurture leads to profitable opportunities.

What are the Unique Selling Points of MAssist ...?

Interactive Dashboard

MAssist LMS offers a user- friendly and interactive web screen that works like any social media newsfeed. You don’t have to go and seek information, let the information come to you!

Quick Communication

Making the communication direct and quicker among your team through its unique feature of sharing posts and messages that can be viewed both on web and app.

Managing high volume of data

Lead generation and collection is a cumbersome process, managing high volume of data can be tough. MAssist eases this process and streamlines all the lead data, its stages and funnel.

Personalized Email and Message

Send personalized Emails, SMS, Whatsapp messages to your customers and view complete history of the same.

Social media Leads

Integrate all your social media accounts and collect leads directly in the LMS.

Auto Assignment of Leads

Assign the leads automatically to your team. You can enjoy the advantage of shuffling the leads among your team members too!

Target representation

View your targets live on mobile app to know and track and your goals and achieved targets.

Color coded response

The positive, neutral and closed leads can be easily identified through color coding which makes it time saving.

Flexible Lead Stages

Build lead stages as per the organization’s requirement to suit the work processes.

Notification Reminders

Get reminders before the meetings/calls so no call gets missed due to busy work schedule.

Customized Quotation

Get a quotation in your customized format with all details, company name, logo as per the company norms.

Dynamic Reports

Complete analysis of the activities performed on leads in AI driven reports in real time for quick decision making.

Lead Automation & Lead Management System

Emails to Leads

Capture your leads to CRM Inbox and the software creates leads, allocates to user and send Email/SMS/Whatsapp Message to customer.

Website to Leads

Forward your leads captured via website contact forms to CRM Inbox and the software creates leads automatically.

Web Portals to Leads

Capture the leads from various social networking sites and it will be mapped in your LMS web portal automatically.

Lead Auto Allocation

Allocate leads to sales team automatically based on lead source. The sales user will get a notification on his lead screen or via Email/SMS on lead assignment.

Timeline View

View the complete lead history with status and updates along with timeline.The timeline shows lead ageing issues.

Territory Management

CRM supports location & product based sales territories. User security based on territory rules can be applied to CRM.

Upload Documents

Upload documents related to lead or customer and store all relevant material in centralized location.

Lead Prioritization

Prioritize leads based on sales stages and focus on hot leads with better probability of closure.

Excel Import/Export

Import, Export data in excel sheets. Configure Excel headers to suit your existing excel templates.

Lead Email, SMS & Voice Communication

Email Communication

Send Automatic Email alerts to Customers, Sales Team. Configurable automatic & manual Email Communications.

SMS/Whatsapp Communication

Send Automatic SMS/whatsapp alerts to Customers, Sales Team. Configurable automatic & manual SMS Communications.

Voice Communication

Call customers directly from the CRM. The software captures all call logs & history.

Lead Activities Schedule & Reports

Calls & Visits Schedule

Schedule Sales follow up calls, Visits. Update activity & generate automatic sales reports.


Sales team will get notification reminders for the planned activities before the due date time.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Schedulars

Use activity planner with daily, weekly, monthly calendar for planning sales activities to your sales team.

Daily Sales Reports

Get your sales team daily visit reports in real time. View the sales team GPS locations visits in map.

Sales Team Productivity Reports

Daily, Weekly calls/visit count. Reports on leads, opportunities, orders and sales team performance.

Lead Activities Tracking

View the lead history with sales team's calls/visits against the lead along with timestamp.

Lead Dashboards, Reports & Analytics

Marketing Channel Performance

Source wise lead count along with status. Filter data based on dates, source, status, etc.

User Wise Lead Status

User wise lead count along with status. Filter data based on dates, source, status, etc.

Lead Ageing Reports

Leads that are not updated are shown with ageing details.

Lead Escalation Reports

Leads are allocated to user, but the user has not called or created any activity on the lead in the last few days.

Lead Activities Reports

Sales team's calls, visits against a particular lead along with status, date & time.

Sales Funnel Reports

Sales Funnel report based on lead status. The sales funnel shows the details of sales conversion ratio Company.

MAssist intelligent algorithm helps you in filtering the most Eligible Leads for your business processes.

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