We at Inn-think technologies have researched almost all the major existing Customer/Client Relationship Management(CRM) Softwares and realized that they all follow a similar template, though that is necessary to some extent but the definition of Customer/Client also changes drastically from industry to industry and at times from one organization to another.

We find this very unfortunate that many large organizations though have CRM implemented in their set-up’s but still it works in parts and therefore for many other areas they still dependent on traditional Excel sheets, on the contrary we believe either there is Complete Automation Compliance or No Automation at all.

We therefore have created an very open system, which not only comes and gives you fixed answers to all your problems because there are at times many different approaches to the solve the same problem ,we are proud to say that MAssist is the only product in this space that actually analyse your organization structure, then mix and match our existing offering and add whatever customisation required.


Why there is a need for this new concept ?


New Challenges

The job of top marketers has grown exponentially bigger and harder giver today's digital reality. They need to keep a constant check on multiple factors which are both internal and external.


Scientific Approach

Marketing used to known as an ART, but nowadays this art requires lot of scientific inputs as well, requiring lot of technical analysis, data-crunching abilities at different levels.


Adapt Change

With the advent of digital channels and tools, marketing organizations shall become more agile and responsive towards rapidly changing conditions.


Lack of Motivation

It is imperative that a good CRM should not only focus on tracking of employees, it should motivate them as well by inculcating the feeling of support, as if they are given a personal assistant.

Achieve 360o
Digital Transformation
for your Sales, Service and Operations Teams


What is the concept behind MAssist ….?

It is based on 5 different yet very meaningful learning's related to Team Motivation, Value of Diligence, most successful and scientific approach for tracking and reporting and ease of use. Each of them is well known case studies among themselves.

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Theory X and Theory Y

Social psychologist Douglas McGregor of MIT expounded two contrasting theories on human motivation and management in the 1960’s.

Your management style is strongly influenced by your beliefs and assumptions about what motivates members of your team. It gives a new understanding to team members motivation.


How MAssist is related to this Theory??


For Lazy and Laidback individuals,
it acts as an efficient controlling and tracking tool in the hands of Management and Senior Managers in order to execute the role of a Hard Task master to the hilt.

It pushes them to work more efficiently, and track all their activities, in order to point out discrepancies in comparison to their expected work routines.


For efficient and self-motivated individuals,
it acts as a humble assistant. It helps them in their day-to-day tasks, take the burden off their minds for remembering the monotonous and routine chores and save their precious time from maintaining proper documentation.

It is always ready to present them all the required data & figures in the desired format just the way an obedient and efficient secretary does.

An Age-old inspirational story of 'Rabbit and Tortoise's Race'


Which Teaches us:

"If you are STEADY, even if you are SLOW, you will win the race"
MAssist is Special because it is a great tool in the hands of the management to bring steady discipline in their employees.
As we all Know
"A Diligent employee is a much greater asset than an intelligent one, and the one who possess the combination of both, can reach to any heights."

A System of Practice based on scientific Method & Module by well known Marketing Guru “Elixir Maxwell” which defined How all marketing personnel’s shall maintain and manage their client data and follow-up schedule?
This Method involves 6 Steps


In fact,we simply ask our teams to:


Submit Regular Reports periodically


Update progress in internal analysis meetings


Achieve their targets and work deadlines


Incentivise good work & punish non-performers.

SO, if we can effectively implement the above processes along with the scientific system, it can have great imapact.


We have decoded the success of well know social networking platform Facebook, which being a late entrant in Indian Market, displaces an already established product 'ORKUT'

What worked for Facebook ??

It is based on the concept of ‘GOSSIP’, because it is the human nature that most of us enjoy knowing happening’s in everyone else’s life. Its News feed provides you all the data, activities by friends, status updates in a fraction of seconds under ONE ROOF.t

In all traditional CRM’s:

In all the available solutions you have access to all the information and reports, but you have to go and seek them, especially in larger organizations it is even more difficult.

In MAssist:

MAssist is the only CRM (world over), which keeps on throwing relevant information at you in the form of news feed. You can choose to absorb, whatever is relevant to you, and the biggest USP is that browsing through all the information, within few seconds, just like in FB, we usually browse the feeds coming from hundreds of friends in a very short span.


CCTV Philosophy

Other Solutions

Traditional CRM’s work just like CCTV camera’s, which are very essential and necessary, as they record everything, however still we cannot really monitor them all along because we needed a dedicated manpower to do that, instead they are simply used to instill fear and for backup’s if anything goes wrong.


MAssist works in a way, if the same CCTV system is equipped with ‘Artificial Intelligence’, and automatically reports back, or trigger alarm, when anything wrong is happening, so that the loss can be stopped or corrected then and there.

We request that to have a better understanding as How MAssist has imbibed above concepts, kindly give us a time for a personalised demo session, where we will show How it can make a big difference to your organization?

Our Solutions

Where innovation, research and creativity takes a frontseat


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GEO Tracking

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How can MAssist do any value addition in my organization's existing marketing structure?

For casual and laidback individuals it pushes and monitor likes a hard task master to bring steady discipline.


For self-motivated individuals It provides support like humble assistant.

MAssist focuses not just on monitoring but on motivation as well


Why MA ?


You cannot even imagine what wonders it can add to your already established business?


You will be shocked to see How it does value addition and increases your teams productivity.


You will be pleasantly surprised to see How it monitors and remove wastage of time and resources by laid-back employees.


You will be pleased to see How it motivates, Help and Guide the positive and hard working team members.


You will be relieved to see How it builds your presence on all the activities and all employees at all the times, which will make them feel that the big boss is always watching.


You will be ecstatic to discover that it completely removes the harm caused to your organization, whenever any employee leaves or your dependency on an employee.

What are the Unique Selling Points of MAssist ...?

No more seeking for information and data, because that will come automatically to you, (A unique features which is not present in any other CRM solution)

Minimal learning curve and ease of use because of our familiarity with Facebook and Gmail. It acts like an Official Facebook.

It empowers management with amazing control and insight for tracking and streamlining operations with Fear & Psychological Advantage that big boss is watching.

First such solution that actually pushes your executives to work diligently rather than just tracking and producing reports.

Extremely effective tool to minimize partialities and favouritism.

No more Data Loss and contacts, whenever an employee leaves the employee leaves the organization.

Efficient tool to formulate policies to implement Rewards as well as punishments.

Documentation of Internal Communication and responses. (Especially different perspectives of different individuals and Managers on same work activity).

Support : MAssist's Digital Handshake


Time is Money in Sales and therefore we value it the most

We do not just provide you the most advanced sales automation tool, we also make sure that it should get implemented, adapted and loved by your Field Teams.

  • Account Activation and work flows set-up for Admin
  • Extensive Onboarding Training Sessions
  • Help Guiding Video’s and Documents
  • Continuous Follow-ups to keep alive the motivation
  • Gap-Assessment Sessions
  • Taking care of smallest of Feedbacks and Suggestions
  • Dedicated Manpower and helplines to immediately assist field employees
  • Turn around response time of 15 minutes for all queries
  • Attrition is a reality therefore handholding new joinees.
  • Unimaginably dynamic and modular workflows at all levels.

Experience it to believe it

Our Process


We help you develop the true CRM strategy for your organization.

CRM program implementation is a long process that requires many small steps and contributions from numerous individuals. Companies find that creating a strategy guide helps employees understand the CRM strategy and steers affected employees toward common objectives. A strategy may consist of just a few succinct overarching objectives and process maps, or it may be detailed project descriptions. Regardless, a good strategy must convey the benefits of CRM and how the company plans to begin its journey toward achieving customer relationship excellence


Delivering the Core solution – customised to your organization needs and work culture.

We at Innthink believes in the following philosophy from the client’s perspective that"
"CRM can have loads of features, but how many of those are of actual importance to my Organization"
We understand that every organization is different and so are their needs:-

  • A manufacturing organization can have the stark opposite needs in comparison to the service industry.
  • For one organization relationship with their end customer might last forever and number of clients can be limited in nature, whereas for another organization everyday there might be influx of new customers.
  • One industry might be dealing with the end users directly, whereas other might only working with intermediary channels.
  • One company might have only senior and high level executives in marketing and branding in which case the real need for a CRM is to help in coordination for building better communication, whereas in other company there might be hundreds of field executives in which case tracking of activities and movement becomes more important.
  • In one environment users will be working from fixed location and have an access to desktops, whereas in another environment users can be very much scattered, without even having good smart phone or network connectivity.

We even take responsibility for executing the full-fledged implementation as well as training to all the employees (Onsite-Online both).

We at Inn-think are able to achieve that, because of the following reasons:

  • We have noticed that for using many popular applications like Facebook, Whatsapp, Gmail or even Windows, the learning curve is very small because the user interfaces are self-guiding, though a CRM is more complicated but still, we have followed the same principal.
  • Every user has specific preferences, so if we provide them the same interface, they will be much more enthused and open for the application.
  • Motivation is the key, management might have their own interest in the product , but if an individual employee would feel that this product has actually made their life easy, they will surely lap it with open hands.
  • Last but most importantly Training, Documentation and Onsite Support as well as continuous tele-support for users regarding their confusions, doubts, apprehensions builds true awareness regarding the benefits.

Power Tools that are integrated with MAssist to create value for your organization

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